Facility Design

Transforming Learning Spaces

At iLEAD Schools we adopt an open-concept floor plan for our classroom spaces to help facilitate our project-based learning educational model. We want our spaces to adapt to the learners and not have our learners be forced to adapt to their spaces. Our hope is to create engaging, safe, fun spaces where our learners can explore and experience learning in safe and interactive ways, in spaces that foster curiosity, problem solving, creativity, synergy and critical-thinking skills. We are always looking for innovative and creative ways to arrange our facilities, and when we enter into a renovation phase we begin the design process by keeping the end in mind. Our goal is to redesign our schools to fit the 21st-century model of work spaces. We prefer alternative seating and round tables, spaces where every learner can find their niche and learn in the way that suits them best. We are open to ideas and collaborating on making our spaces better for our learners and achieving the goal of reaching the whole child.

We are intentional in the designing of our spaces, collaborating with numerous and varied specialists in the design industry, always striving to find creative solutions to common and, particularly, uncommon problems. Our charter schools our housed in non-typical buildings; we have reconstructed what classrooms can look like by basing our designs on numerous ideas and concepts, including The Third Teacher, From the Campfire to the Holodeck, the Maker Movement, along with books that motivate and inspire our designs, such as I Wish I Worked There and Make Space. We believe that walls serve to separate and contain, but reconfiguring and lowering the walls allows for collaboration and synergy. We believe that every child can learn, and, as Ignacio Estrada said, “If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.” Being flexible in our approaches, with a growth mind-set, compels us to create spaces that reflect our intrinsic knowledge that we are all different and unique, and thus our spaces should adapt to all of our learners’ needs in a creative, fun, safe place where they can explore within their tribe, their village, their community and, by extension, their world.


Take a tour of SCVi, iLEAD’s founding school, with this quick video


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