Hybrid, online, home school and seat-based learning options available.

In the News

12-20-22 (KHTS Radio) SCVi Values Building Relationships And Focusing On An Individualized Approach To Every Unique Learner’s Needs

12-19-22 (SCV News) Agua Dulce Women’s Club Holds Annual Parade of Tables

12-16-22 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – DreamUp to Space Project and Aplus+ Organization

12-6-22 (Santa Clarita Signal) iLEAD Schools announces new CEO

12-6-22 (KHTS Radio) iLEAD Schools Announces New CEO

11-26-22 (Soccer Wire) University of Washington signs seven new Huskies for the class of 2023

11-5-22 (Epoch Times) 14-Year-Old’s Science Experiment to Be Carried Out on International Space Station

10-24-22 (Aerotech News) Military, aerospace companies wooed and wowed students with STEM Expo 2022

10-17-22 (Aerotech News) Edwards air show STEM Expo hosts 8,000 students

9-19-22 (LA School Report) California poll finds parents leaving traditional public for charter schools

8-3-21 (KHTS Radio) iLEAD SCVi Schools Provide Summer Programs For Local Youth

8-1-21 (Santa Clarita Signal) Supporting innovation with space education

7-28-21 (Getting Smart) California Revamping Math Frameworks: The Need For Data Science, Equity and Deeper Learning

7-1-21 (Times Standard) ‘A Spark In Nothing’ Teen filmmaker’s new movie to play on large outdoor screen at special drive-up event

6-18-21 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – The New Normal

6-15-21 (KHTS Radio) iLEAD Online Offers An Alternative Option For Santa Clarita Students

6-11-21 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – Educational Systems

6-4-21 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – iLEAD Online and Guardians of SCV

6-2-21 (Santa Clarita Valley Signal) SCV kids take gardening to space

5-21-21 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – SCV, Projects, and Films

5-18-21 (Getting Smart) The Journey Of One High School Counselor’s Efforts To Redefine College Advising For All

5-18-21 (KHTS Radio) SCVi & iLEAD Schools Give Their Students The Opportunity To Work In Space

5-17-21 (KHTS Radio) iLEAD Students Navigate the Skies in Glider Planes North of Santa Clarita

5-14-21 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – Dreaming Up and Arts

5-11-21 (Patch Media) LA County Students Recognized for Mental Health Achievements

5-7-21 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – Opera, Theatre, and SCVi

5-6-21 (KHTS Radio) Young Santa Clarita Filmmaker Announces Film Premiere At Laemmle Theater

4-30-21 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – Medicine and iLEAD

4-23-21 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – Healthcare and Preschool

4-16-21 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – Athletics In SCVi

4-9-21 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – SCVi and Movies

4-3-21 (Antelope Valley Press) Charter school helps out with ‘pop-up’ closet event

3-26-21 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – Gardening and Space

3-19-21 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – iLEAD Online and SCV

3-19-21 (Getting Smart) 5th-6th Graders Take Up Call To Action For International Women’s History Month

3-15-21 (KHTS Radio) Facilitators Discuss Flexibility With The iLEAD Exploration Program

3-12-21 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – Mental Health and Insight

3-5-21 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – Seniors and iLEAD Exploration

3-2-21 (KHTS Radio) Charter School In Santa Clarita Brings “Imagineering” To The Classroom

2-19-21 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – Interviews and SCVi

2-12-21 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – Taxes and Facilitators

2-9-21 (Forbes) How Systems And States Can Encourage More And Better Project-Based Learning

1-22-21 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – Education and iLEAD Talks

1-16-21 (Antelope Valley Press) Acton-Agua Dulce OKs charter pact

1-15-21 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – Teaching Kids and Health

12-26-20 (Antelope Valley Press) iLEAD Lancaster Charter School’s petition renewed

12-4-20 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – Congressional Talks and SCVi

11-23-20 (Antelope Valley Press) iLEAD Lancaster eyes renewal of its charter by District

11-20-20 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – Projects and Community Services

11-13-20 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – Homeschooling and School Talks

11-11-20 (Getting Smart) ‘Imagine Project’ Turns Trauma into Strength, Empathy and Sense of Community

11-6-20 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – iLEAD, Voting, and Jokes

10-31-20 (Getting Smart) Play, Play-Based Learning Important Now More Than Ever

10-30-20 (KHTS Radio) Charter School In Santa Clarita On Preparing High School Students For College Or University

10-21-20 (Getting Smart) Portrait of a School Wide Project Launch

10-21-20 (KHTS Radio) How A Charter School In Santa Clarita Is Helping Seniors Prepare For The Future During Distance Learning

10-16-20 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – Healthcare and Programs

10-11-20 (Getting Smart) New Arts Integration Efforts Address Healing-Centered Engagement, Transformative Agency

10-9-20 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – Schooling Programs and Updates

10-9-20 (KHTS Radio) Teen Mental Health Issues And How They Are Approached At SCVi Charter School

9-28-20 (KHTS Radio) Charter School In Santa Clarita Provides Students The Opportunity To Learn Mathematics In A Fun And Engaging Way

9-18-20 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley Show – Having An Eye On Out Patients

9-17-20 (KHTS Radio) Freshman From SCVi Charter School In Santa Clarita Joins “Eye On The Valley” To Discuss Art, School And Her Future

9-11-20 (KHTS Radio) The Eye On The Valley Show – Having An Eye On College and Art

9-11-20 (Kids School Media) SCVi Exploration Learner Joins Student Panel to Interview LACDPH Director Barbara Ferrer

9-5-20 (SCV News) SCV Schools Awarded Share of $811K in L.A. County Arts Grants

9-3-20 (PR Newswire) Youth Theater Program Launches Online Workshop for Families in Need of Extra-Curricular Activities

8-28-20 (KHTS Radio) The Eye On The Valley Show – Eye On Schooling

8-28-20 (KHTS Radio) SCVi Charter School In Santa Clarita Resumes Distance Learning For Fall Semester

8-26-20 (KHTS Radio) VIA In Action

8-17-20 (Getting Smart) Redefining Pre-Service Learning In The Virtual Age

8-14-20 (KHTS Radio) Why Choose SCVi Charter School In Santa Clarita?

7-22-20 (KHTS Radio) iLEAD Empower Generations Charter School Aims To Empower Pregnant, Parenting Teens

7-15-20 (EdSurge) Pandemic Spawns ‘New’ In Education—New Resources, Models, Rules and Voices

7-3-20 (Getting Smart) ‘Voices Of A Learning World’ Aims To Be New Medium for the Global Redesign of Learning

7-2-20 (Getting Smart) iLEAD’s Equity Task Force Takes A Stand Against Racial Injustice, Inequality

6-25-20 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – Empowered to Learn and Lead

6-24-20 (KHTS Radio) How Santa Clarita Public And Tuition Free Charter Schools Are Planning For Fall

6-22-20 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – Santa Clarita Library Making a Difference

6-18-20 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – Mayor Smyth Talks Small Businesses

6-15-20 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – Congressman Mike Garcia Provides an Update

6-12-20 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – Having An Eye On The CEO 

6-10-20 (KHTS Radio) Charter School In Santa Clarita’s Online Summer Classes Help Keep Students On Track

6-8-20 (Getting Smart) Successful Play-Based Learning in Virtual Environments

6-8-20 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – Services for Veterans

6-4-20 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – Superintendent Pelzel on School in the Fall

6-3-20 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – Maintaining Mental Health

6-2-20 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – Mayor Smyth Addresses Protests

6-4-20 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – Superintendent Pelzel on School in the Fall

6-1-20 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – Economics and Education

5-28-20 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – The Benefits of iLEAD Online

5-27-20 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – SCVi and NASA Team Up

5-26-20 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – Update from Mayor Smyth

5-22-20 (KHTS Radio) Tuition Free Charter School SCVi/iLEAD’s Homeschool Curriculum Helps Kids Get Quality Education

5-22-20 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – Chiropractors and Jokes

5-21-20 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – Making the Leap to College

5-21-20 (KHTS Radio) Tuition Free Charter School SCVi/iLEAD’s Homeschool Curriculum Helps Kids Get Quality Education

5-20-20 (KHTS Radio) Play-Based vs Project-Based Learning

5-19-20 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – Mayor Smyth on Reopening Santa Clarita

5-18-20 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – The COC Foundation

5-15-20 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – Film Making In SCVi

5-14-20 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – The Boys and Girls Club

5-13-20 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – Mike Garcia, 25th District Congressional Nominee

5-12-20 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – Mayor Tuesday: What Phase 2 Looks Like in SCV

5-11-20 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – How to Get a Job in 2020

5-8-20 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – International Schooling

5-7-20 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – What Reopening Will Look Like in SCV

5-6-20 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – Planning Your Future

5-6-20 (KHTS Radio) SCVi/iLEAD Charter School In Santa Clarita Discusses At-Home Learning

5-5-20 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – Mayor Tuesdays

5-1-20 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – SCVi and Graduations

4-30-20 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – Newhall Farmers’ Market Update

4-29-20 (The Signal) Education in brief

4-29-20 (SCVTV) SCVi/iLEAD Film Students Take Top Prize at Doko Film Festival

4-29-20 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – Denim Day

4-28-20 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – Mayor Tuesdays

4-27-20 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – Spanish and Mental Wellness

4-27-20 (KHTS Radio) SCVi/iLEAD Recognized For Virtual Special Education Program Therapies

4-25-20 (The Signal) iLEAD Schools purchases Crossroads Plaza for $17 million

4-22-20 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – Senior Center All-Stars

4-21-20 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – Mayor Tuesdays

4-20-20 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – Distance Learning Progress

4-17-20 (The LAist) Four Big Questions About Teaching Kids With Special Needs In The Age Of Coronavirus

4-16-20 (The Paseo Club) Paseo Members Doing Incredible Things

4-16-20 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – COC Chancellor, Dr. Dianne Van Hook

4-15-20 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – Superintendent, Dr. Catherine Kawaguchi

4-14-20 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – Mayor Tuesdays

4-13-20 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – Education, No Matter What

4-12-20 (The Signal) Lesson plans for the new normal

4-10-20 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – Having An Eye On Meal Prep

4-9-20 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – More Than Just Books

4-4-20 (The Signal) Castaic Jack-In-The-Box property sells for $2 million

4-3-20 (KHTS Radio) SCVi/iLEAD Teacher Gets Creative With Distance Learning, Uses Home Cooking To Teach

3-31-20 (CCSA) A Spanish Class Teacher Serves Up Innovative Instruction from Her Kitchen

3-24-20 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – Update from the Mayor

3-23-20 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – Remote Learning Year-Round

3-20-20 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – Digital Citizenship

3-19-20 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – Santa Clarita Mayor, Cameron Smyth

3-18-20 (KHTS Radio) SCVi Charter School In Santa Clarita Offers Families Homeschooling Tips

3-17-20 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – Transitioning to Homeschooling

3-13-20 (KHTS Radio) Santa Clarita School Closures Announced Due To Coronavirus

3-13-20 (The Signal) School closures in Santa Clarita

3-12-20 (The ISS National Lab) From the Classroom to Space: Launching Student Science

3-10-20 (KHTS Radio) SCVi/iLEAD Learners Launch Science Experiments Into Space, Pilot Glider Planes

3-10-20 (Getting Smart) Love & Logic: 9 Elements Focused on Fostering Powerful Relationships, Collaborative Learning Communities

3-6-20 (KHTS Radio) SCVi Charter School – 2020 Home And Garden Show Vendor

3-5-20 (Pardee Homes) Santa Clarita School Fosters Young Filmmakers

2-28-20 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley Show – Keeping An Eye On SCVi Sports

2-21-20 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley Show – Having An Eye On iLEAD Faculty

2-20-20 (Getting Smart) Competency-Based Approaches Focus On Skills, Relevancy and Personalization

2-11-20 (KHTS Radio) Santa Clarita High School Soccer Playoff Preview

2-9-20 (KHTS Radio) SCVi Soccer Player Recognized As Player Of The Week By MaxPreps

2-7-20 (KHTS Radio) SCVi Charter School The Eye On The Valley Show – Having Eyes On SCVi’s System

2-5-20 (The Signal) SCVi boys soccer clinches Omega League’s No. 3 seed

1-31-20 (KHTS Radio) SCVi Charter School The Eye On The Valley Show – Having Eyes On SCVi and politics

1-22-20 (MaxPreps) MaxPreps/United Soccer Coaches High School Players of the Week Announced for Jan. 13-19

1-12-20 (Getting Smart) iLEAD Schools Creating Authentic, High Quality Project-Based Learning Environments

12-26-19 (KHTS Radio) SCVi Charter School In Santa Clarita Is Only International Baccalaureate School In Valley

12-27-19 (Denton Daily) Boulder’s DreamUp connects students to space

12-6-19 (Antelope Valley Press) Lineup for annual Lancaster Christmas Parade

11-27-19 (KHTS Radio) SCVi Learner Performs Original Song From ‘Kindness Project’ Live On KHTS Radio

11-21-19 (Death Wish Coffee) Fueled By Death Cast 153 – iLEAD Schools

11-21-19 (SCVTV) Hart District Extends SCVi Charter’s Petition to 2025

11-20-19 (The Signal) SCVi charter renewed by district staff

11-20-19 (KHTS Radio) SCVi Student Receives Outstanding Youth Volunteer Award

11-14-19 (KHTS Radio) Learners From SCVi Charter School In Santa Clarita Collect Donations For Fire Victims

11-13-19 (KHTS Radio) Lancaster iLEAD Eighth Graders To Learn To Fly Gliders

11-9-19 (KHTS Radio) SCVi To Honor Veterans, First Responders At Veterans Day Event

11-8-19 (The Signal) SCVi makes case for charter school-petition renewal

11-8-19 (KHTS Radio) Eye On The Valley – Having Eyes On SCVi and Veterans

11-5-19 (KHTS Radio) SCVi Charter School In Santa Clarita: ‘The Education Belongs To The Kids’

10-10-19 (KHTS Radio) SCVi Spotlight: Educator Erika Cedeño

8-31-19 (The Signal) Charter schools approved in committee, moved to Senate floor for vote

8-21-19 (KHTS Radio) iLEAD Online School Graduates Approved For NCAA Division 1 Eligibility

8-7-19 (KHTS Radio) SCVi Charter School To Host Prospective Family Night

8-6-19 (SCVTV) Aug. 15: SCVi’s Prospective Family Night

7-26-19 (KHTS Radio) SCVi To Host Keynote Speaker To Launch Start Of 2019-2020 School Year

7-18-19 (KHTS Radio) SCVi Charter School Receives Arts Advancement Grant From LA County

6-10-19 (KHTS Radio) SCVi Celebrates Class Of 2019 With Graduation Ceremony

6-7-19 (The Signal) Chartering a new course in education: Part II

5-29-19 (The Signal) SCVi softball highlights All-Omega League selections

5-23-19 (SCVTV) May 24: SCVi Hosts Inaugural International Hack into Space Competition

2-19-19 (The Signal) iLEAD Schools to Present Weste ‘Vision in Education’ Award

2-14-19 (The Signal) SCVi studies flight with Glider Day

2-13-19 (KHTS Radio) 15-Year-Old Santa Clarita Director to Screen Full-Length Feature Film

2-4-19 (KHTS Radio) Santa Clarita Councilwoman Laurene Weste Set To Be Honored By iLead Schools

1-21-19 (SCVTV) Jan. 21-26: iLEAD Schools Celebrate National School Choice Week

11-27-17 (SCVTV) Dec. 6: SCVi Information Night

11-12-17 (SCVTV) Ian Johnston Named New Arts, Theater Director for iLEAD

8-28-17 (Reuters) California school children help build tiny homes for LA’s homeless

7-5-17 (SCVTV) SCVi Students Build Tiny Home for a Homeless Veteran

6-1-17 (The Signal) SCVi learners reenact the American Civil War

5-12-17 (The Signal) Griffin Loch, 13, aims to make his mark in the film industry

4-27-17 (The Signal) Little iLEADers preschool opens to community

4-15-17 (KHTS Radio) Little iLEADers Early Childhood Center To Open In Castaic

(Babble) California Kids Build Tiny House for Homeless Vet in Life-Changing School Project

2-10-17 (KHTS Radio) Castaic iLEAD Students Join International Space Station Project

2-9-17 (SCVTV) iLEAD Students Send Experiment to Space

9-30-16 (SCVTV) SCVi Charter Dedicates New Flag Courtyard

9-2-16 (The Signal) SCVi Charter School to dedicate new Flag Courtyard

6-2-16 (KHTS Radio) SCVi Students Participate In Civil War Living History

2-13-16 (The Signal) SCVi Learners Taking to the Skies

2-10-16 (SCVTV) SCVi To Host Glider for Aerodynamics Students

5-28-15 Residents And Students Attend “Living History Event”

4-30-15  Santa Clarita Father-Daughter Team Up To Change Lives

4-26-15  Authors And Artists Honored At SCV Sister Cities Showcase

4-25-15  SCVi Senior Named County Volunteer of the Year

4-25-15  Hart district reauthorizes SCVi charter for 5 years

4-22-15  SCVi Charter School, Remo Host Kid’s Rhythm Club

4-8-15  SCVi Charter School to Host Annual Art Festival

2-24-15 SCVi Visits the Roaring ’20s

2-20-15  SCVi Student Plans Her First SCV Pet Parade

2-10-15  Chinese Students Visit SCVi Charter School

1-26-15  SCVi Charter School eighth-grade students are getting the opportunity to fly an airplane

1-21-15  Founder of Remo Drums donates instruments to SCVi charter school

1-17-15  SCVi Student, Historical Society Volunteer To Be Honored

1-15-15 The Garden Island – Hopes still high for charter school

1-1-15 SCVi Charter School To Celebrate 1 Year For The Cafe – Santa Clarita, CA

6-7-14 SCVi graduates first class

5-22-14  Video: SCVi’s 8th-9th graders’ Civil War Reenactment featured in “SCV NewsBreak”

5-22-14 SCVi Students Recreate Civil War History

5-7-14 SCVi Students Staging Civil War Reenactment

5-3-14 Mother’s Day Comes Early on Saturday

3-30-14 Real life lessons learned through giving

1-29-14 Message from the Mayor Laurene Weste

4-29-13 Sister Cities: Young SCV Artists, Authors Advance to Nationals

4-25-13 Video: SCVi’s 8th-9th graders’ Civil War Reenactment featured in “Studio Santa Clarita”

4-23-13 SCVi hosts Civil War Reenactment at Rancho Camulos

4-10-13 Mike Antonovich visits SCVi

4-4-13 Celebrating vision in education

3-26-13 Student writes own play

6-19-12 Kids Create Art Festival

5-3-12 Vision in Education Honorees 

2-14-12 TV Personality Visits SCV International

1-2-12 On the Rise: Charter Schools Gain Ground in SCV, Around Nation

12-23-11 Teaching Outside the Box

12-20-11 Kids Sing, Dance for Winter Spectacular

12-7-11 Kids Compete in Shark Tank

10-4-11 Candidates discuss state of education at forum

7-28-11 SCVi earns nod for upper grades

7-27-11 SCVi earns national recognition

6-1-11 A first for the arts

5-25-11 SCVi goes to Washington

4-1-11 School seeks global program

4-3-11 Chartering unfamiliar territory in academia

2-6-10 LEGO competition attracts teams from SCV

1-30-10 Schools: Chartering a new course

9-22-09 What do you like best about your school?

3-1-09 A different approach: Charter schools

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